Fluid flow of gasses and liquids combined with heat transfer, form the foundation for many industrial processes and natural flows. Possible applications range in size from smoke stack dispersion to cooling of components on a circuit board. They may involve chemical reactions, such as combustion, and heat transfer including conduction through solid surfaces combined with radiation.

This section highlights two examples which demonstrate the diversity of projects at Stream Function.

H2S Combustion

Stream Function Inc. models H2S Combustion exclusively for HEC Technologies. Stream Function and HEC have worked together to create proprietary combustion models of the reactions required to model H2S burners and reaction furnaces. The work has been very useful during the design phase of HEC's custom equipment as well as identifying problems with competitor's equipment when asked to fix problems other venders have walked away from.

Diver Heating

Stream Function Inc. is currently working with Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) to develop a diver heating system for the Canadian Navy.