Today's business environment demands shorter product design cycles and increased awareness of getting it right the first time. To meet these demands, access to technical knowledge is becoming more important. Few companies can afford to have experts in all disciplines required to complete the complex projects for today's marketplace. The solution is to establish a network of technical consultants to draw on the latest advances in each field and incorporating them directly into current projects.

Stream Function Inc. specializes in fluid dynamics and heat transfer analysis for industrial applications. Fluid dynamics includes both liquids and gasses; materials that take on the shape of their container. Coupled with heat transfer, fluid dynamics forms the foundation for many industrial processes and natural phenomena.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD ) and physical modelling are two specialized tools we use to investigate the performance of proposed designs or trouble shoot existing equipment.

Sometimes to obtain a clear understanding of the behaviour of the system, the development of a custom numerical model is required to capture unusual physics or process control.

Stream Function also offers advanced firmware development for embedded micro control of thermal hydraulic systems requiring reliable compact fail-safe electronics.

If your new product or existing problem involves fluid dynamics and/or heat transfer, Stream Function is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.