Firmware Development

Certain fluid-thermal products require a custom micro-controller to regulate the operation and performance of the system while maintaining safe operation. For these clients, Stream Function Inc. can provide everything from assistance with algorithm design to a Turnkey solution. Our extensive knowledge in process modeling along with pump, fan, heater, burner and sensor performance facilitates a thorough review of system design and sensor placement, to arrive at a fault tolerant algorithm design with multi-level electronic and mechanical safeties to ensure fail safe operation.

The typical design of the controller can best be described as a state machine that contains a simplified embedded process model. The selection of the micro is dependent on: the complexity of the required process model, the number and type of controlled devices, the number of operating states, user interface requirements and safety considerations. Besides cost, packaging and safety, clear and unambiguous communication to the end user as to the system status is also paramount. As a result, we place significant effort on the user interface design; something that is often overlooked in the rush to get a working controller.

As with any design development, the firmware must undergo validation and verification testing to ensure the controller and the system performance is safe, predictable and efficient.

Combining process understanding, modelling experience and algorithm design, Stream Function Inc. provides clients with innovative solutions to thermal-hydraulic control. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you with your controller development program.