Benefits of CFD?

The primary benefits of using CFD are:

  • Enhanced Understanding: CFD creates a virtual prototype of the physical, chemical and thermal characteristics of a system. Visualization of the predicted behaviour of the virtual prototype can provide insight into the design, which may be impossible to observe otherwise. This is particularly useful in gaining understanding into systems that are difficult to prototype or obtain detailed internal measurements.
  • What If?: CFD can be used to test "what if" questions quickly even before physical prototyping or testing can be conducted. By changing the input variables to the numerical model, predictions on the system performance can be obtained for any range of operating conditions to facilitate optimization of the design.
  • Shorter Lead Times: Fast accurate analysis and a thorough understanding of the design leads to shorter design cycles. CFD can be used to compressing the development cycle while managing technical risk.

Thus, CFD is most effectively applied to:

  • Design evaluation
  • Optimization
  • Problem solving existing equipment
  • Performance evaluation
  • Gas handling or ventilation systems
  • Combustion systems
  • Scale-up evaluation

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